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The Management Guide to Planning
By Kate Keenan
Extracts from the book

Know yourself
If you throw yourself into your business without determining specifically what you want to do, you will almost certainly be dissipating your efforts.
Always plan
When you are very busy, it is easy to convince yourself that getting on with the job is your first priority and that having a plan is an optional extra which you might get around to at some time or another. This excuse for not planning may be covering other fundamental reasons for not doing so.
Look ahead
By anticipating where things could go wrong, you have a chance to prepare yourself for any given situation. "If I can't prevent that, I'll do this." Having a contingency plan is a form of security blanket. It allows you to feel confident of coping should crises arise.
Size doesn't matter
Most plans look daunting because of their size and complexity. But if you break down your plan into separate stages, the whole thing will become much easier to tackle. Remember the answer to the riddle: How do you eat an elephant? Take small bites. Having a contingency plan is a form of security blanket. It allows you to feel confident of coping should crises arise.

Compact, concise and refreshingly free of jargon, the Pocket Manager Management Guides have the potential to reviatalise any business, even if it's a successful one.
Books Magazine
Written by a chartered psychologist, the series is designed mainly for those running small businesses and professional firms, but also relevant to those running homes and families.
Business Informer
Especially for people who have neither the time nor the inclination for ploughing through the normal tomes...
The Daily Telegraph
Table of Contents

1. The Need to Plan
2. Taking Stock
3. Defining the Aims
4. Planning the Detail
5. Carrying out the Action
6. Measuring Success

Check List for Planning

The Benefits of Planning


Author: Kate Keenan
Format: 64 pages, pb
Published: Sept 1999
Price: £2.99
ISBN-10 & ISBN-13: 1-902825-79-9
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