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The Management Guide to Negotiating
By Kate Keenan
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Give and take
Negotiation provides a framework in which issues can be discussed and explored, compromise achieved, and needs fulfilled. It is the process of trying to get what you want while enabling other people to get what they want.
People who are skilled at negotiation tend to ask more questions than average. In fact, they will often start negotiating over the number of questions. Asking questions gives you time to think and acts as an excellent alternative to disagreement.
Consider your options
If you agree too readily to something, you will always feel you might have done better. Taking time to consider what has been suggested prevents you from acting on impulse and possibly getting locked into a position from which it could be difficult to extricate yourself at a later stage.
Be positive
Many people enter negotiation with the attitude that everyone else is probably going to behave badly, so one more will not make any difference. But having the right attitude is vital if you are going to end up with a good deal.

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Table of Contents

1. The Need for Negotiating
2. Understanding Negotiating
3. Preparing
4. Negotiating the Deal
5. Troubleshooting
6. Your Attitude to Negotiation

Check List for Negotiating

The Benefits of Negotiating


Author: Kate Keenan
Format: 64 pages, pb
Published: Sept 1999
Price: £2.99
ISBN-10 & ISBN-13: 1-902825-78-0
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