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The Management Guide to Handling Stress
By Kate Keenan
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Stressed out
One of the manifestations of stress is that people often adopt totally inappropriate ways of dealing with it.
Survival instinct
The physical reaction to stress has been programmed in human beings from prehistoric times. It is a basic survival instinct which involves a complex sequence of responses to a 'perceived' threat.
The problem is that the brain cannot tell the difference between a serious life-threatening circumstance such as facing up to a hairy mammoth, or an unwelcome disturbance such as a personality clash at work.
However much the mere thought of exercise makes you want to lie down, it is a guaranteed way to reduce stress.

Compact, concise and refreshingly free of jargon, the Pocket Manager Management Guides have the potential to reviatalise any business, even if it's a successful one.
Books Magazine
Written by a chartered psychologist, the series is designed mainly for those running small businesses and professional firms, but also relevant to those running homes and families.
Business Informer
Especially for people who have neither the time nor the inclination for ploughing through the normal tomes...
The Daily Telegraph
Table of Contents

Handling Stress
1. The Need to Handle Stress
2. Understanding Stress
3. Pinpointing Stressors
4. Reducing Stress (Instantly)
5. Reducing Stress (Permanently)
6. Adopting a Positive Approach

Check List for Handling Stress

The Benefits of Handling Stress


Author: Kate Keenan
Format: 64 pages, pb
Published: Sept 1999
Price: £2.99
ISBN-10 & ISBN-13: 1-902825-73-X
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